Kung Fu Nuns

Kung Fu Nuns 01

Jigme Yangchen Ghamo practices Kung Fu as part of their daily routine at Druk Amitabha Mountain Nunnery in Kathmandu.

Kung Fu Nuns 02

Every day, nuns assemble outside to practice Kung Fu

Kung Fu Nuns 03

Nuns perform Kung Fu with sword to defend oneself.

Kung Fu Nuns 04

Jigme Yangchen Ghamo offers prayer at Druk Amitabha Mountain Nunnery.

Kung Fu Nuns 05

Nuns pray regularly.

Kung Fu Nuns 06

A nun meditating outside the meditation hall.

Kung Fu Nuns 07

Nuns offer medical treatment to a wounded cow. They rescued the cow from the streets of Kathmandu. Animals and birds that are sick and abandoned are being rescued from exploitation and slaughter.

Kung Fu Nuns 08

The nuns in meditation, which is also a form of exercise.

Kung Fu Nuns 09

Druk Amitabha Mountain Nunnery is located in Nagarjun Municipality, outskirts of Kathmandu city.

Kung Fu Nuns 10

The nuns environment cleaning campaign at Swayambhunath in Kathmandu.

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